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Heirloom Albums and Keepsakes

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While I like offering digital images to my clients to share on social media and have for small prints, I deeply believe that you deserve to have your images showcased in a tangible form. I love high

quality treasures like heirloom albums that display your memories and experiences!

After all, gorgeous images aren’t meant to be stored forever on a computer, but to be displayed and enjoyed! Who knows where technology will lead computers, hard drives, and CDs in the future. Digital media may crash or not make the transition to new technology. Having your photos forever bound in an album is the best and safest way to ensure your images will be preserved for the future. Printing and displaying your images means you can be enjoying them now too!

Why I love my wedding album

While I have forgotten some of the details since my wedding, I can look back at the images on my wall and in my wedding albums to bring me back to that time and place, where my new husband was beaming and my family and friends were all there just to support us. The images bring back all the details that I carefully and painstakingly chose! The beauty of my dream bouquet, the bridesmaids dresses, and the flowers in my hair. The dreamy sunset, our friends filling up the dance floor, and the incredible tunes of the band. The string quartet and our hilarious pastor’s message. The only things that remain from our wedding is my dress, his seer sucker bowtie, the invitations/programs I designed, our wedding bands, and our photos that represent a million memories from one of the best days of my life.

When friends and family come over, that is the first thing they view, since they want to look at the images too!

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