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Vision behind the logo

What does the logo symbolize?

My new logo speaks volumes to me because it is art- beautiful, simple, and timeless watercolor and calligraphy. Anna of Cast Calligraphy wrote my name in her lovely hand in watercolor, painted the lovely magnolia bloom and ultimately created the refined logo that now represents my business. I could not be more thankful to work with Anna to bring my vision to life: classy and elegant but still whimsical and fun.

I grew up with a love of nature instilled within me. My family would always play outside, feeding cows, picking flowers, cradling chickens, staring into sunsets, and climbing trees on one thousand acres of the most beautiful land in the world. My mom would fill low glass vases with freshly cut magnolias from our trees to grace our family table throughout the summer. I have vivid memories of knowing the world was a beautiful place of love, grace, and family, and that nothing would change that. The magnolia tree was blooming brilliantly as the backdrop of my and Zach’s wedding last summer and the sweet blooms of the magnolias still fill my mother’s vases. The magnolia symbolizes to me the beauty and delicacy of life, fleeting in its length but brilliant in its image. I believe that while earthly memories are fleeting, everyone on earth was saved by a Savior, and that all creation sings glory to his name. I have a need to create art from joyful moments that I can’t get enough of. This is the way that I glorify the beautiful moments He gives to us: by capturing and cherishing the meaningful, authentic, and graceful moments that turn into memories, and for me, into art.

I want every image I take to evoke a feeling of love, joy, and sheer thankfulness at having your soul mate in your life, not taking anything for granted.